State Customs Committee tightens control on exporters

# 12:10
23 June 2017

Mentioning Azerbaijani president’s decree on amendments to Rules for regulation of export and import operations in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Igbal Babayev, the department head at the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee, said that a system has been created to control the value of goods exported on consignment operations: “Application of the new system should be noted as one of reforms to extend the state support to the private sector. As you know, the SCC and FIMSA are to control the value of goods exported on consignment operations”.  


Babayev said according to the amendments, the legal entities and individuals should transfer the funds for goods they exported on consignment operations to their accounts in a bank in Azerbaijan within 180 days after the goods were declared: “Timely transfer of the funds is controlled by the SCC. In case the companies don’t transfer the funds timely, their data on declaration is prepared and sent to the FIMSA”.


He also noted that the SCC plans to apply Red Channel system to take more serious measures against exporters who don’t bring the funds for goods to the country.


“The project mainly aims to control the funds, struggle against money laundering and corruption. At the same time, e-services are related to reduction of official-citizen relations to zero”.


Speaking about several problems in application of this system, Babayev stressed that these problems will be solved after automatization system in banking sector will be integrated to SCC and e-government.


FIMSA board member Ilgar Muradov said the system aims to liberalize and extend country’s foreign economy and trade links.  


Thereafter, a presentation was held on the system.