Deals of $330 000 concluded at BICEX, Dec. 1

Deals of $330 000 concluded at BICEX, Dec. 1
# 01 December 2006 15:48 (UTC +04:00)
The weighted average exchange price made up 0.8723 AZN/USD at trading sessions held at the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange today.
BICEX told APA that the opening price of the morning session on the BEST (Bourse E-system of Trades) was AZN 0.8716 AZN/USD and no deals were closed on USD/AZN T+0 instrument. The manat exchange remained unchanged against US dollar.
Deals of AZN 287 859 were closed on USD/AZN T+0 instrument in the midday trading. The exchange rate of manat stood at AZN 0.8723 AZN/USD 1.
According to the results of the two sessions, the total volume of the trades on USD/AZN instrument amounted to $330 000 or AZN 287 859.
The average cost per deal was $165 000.
On USD/AZN T+1, T+2 instruments and SWAP_USD/AZN in BEST, no deals were closed through lack of demand.
No bids on RUB/AZN and EUR/AZN T+1instruments were made by banks.
In the interbank credit market functioning in the framework of BEST, BakiBOR index counted in line with requests made by market makers constituted 15.16% in manats and 15.42% in USD on 90-day instrument. Two deals of USD 500 000 and USD 1m for 29 and 30 days respectively were concluded. /APA/