Iraqi PM vows to protect nation from foreign meddling

 Iraqi PM vows to protect nation from foreign meddling
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  • calendar-gray 02 February 2020

The newly appointed Iraqi prime minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi said Saturday in a statement that he would defend the nation from any attempts of foreign meddling, adding that he would not allow turning Iraq into a place for tit-for-tat сlashes and feuds' settling, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"I promise to protect Iraq from any foreign meddling and not allow the country to become an arena for settling disputes in various conflicts", the statement said.

Former Iraqi Communications Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi was appointed on Saturday as the country's new prime minister.

Iraq was engulfed in nationwide protests last year that reportedly sought the government's resignation, an end to corruption and an improvement to the quality of life in the country. The demonstrations and the ensuing civil unrest have led to the deaths of more than 600 people, according to official estimates.

On 24 December, the Iraqi parliament voted in favor of a new election law, which protesters demanded for several months.


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