Britain records 13,430 cases of COVID virus and 603 deaths

Britain records 13,430 cases of COVID virus and 603 deaths
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  • calendar-gray 02 December 2020

Britain recorded 13,430 more cases of Coronavirus and 603 deaths today, as the second wave of the disease continues to decline, APA reports citing Randrlife.

Health Ministry statistics show that COVID-19 cases were slightly higher today than the 11,299 reported last Monday, which was considered a milestone because it was unusually low. The outbreak in the UK has diminished by more than two weeks as the lockdown has thwarted the virus.

Fatalities are just starting to flatten out because of the delay it can take between seriously ill and ill. Another 603 coronavirus deaths were laboratory confirmed today, down slightly from 608 last week.

Separate government data – which looks at when a death occurred rather than when it was recorded – shows that deaths began to decline after November 21.

Meanwhile, slightly older statistics – which include suspected deaths plus confirmed laboratory deaths – show the curve is slowing down. A weekly report from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of people dying from COVID-19 in the week ending November 20 was 2,697. Up from 2,466 in the previous week.

This was a rise of only 9 percent after a 27 percent increase the previous week, when it rose from 1937, and a 53 percent increase in mid-October after the second wave spiraled out of control. The slowdown shows that the worst of the second wave in Britain has already passed, and the deaths could have peaked and are now declining again.

Fatalities will continue to rise as the numbers of new infections remain high – the daily average for positive tests is currently 14,778 in the UK as a whole – and a senior statistician has warned that the death toll in the second wave is on track to reach 20,000 before Christmas.


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