Largest French carrier may reroute its ships to bypass Suez Canal

Largest French carrier may reroute its ships to bypass Suez Canal
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  • calendar-gray 27 March 2021

The largest French transport company CMA CGM Group is considering the possibility of re-routing its vessels towards the Cape of Good Hope due to the situation in the Suez Canal, according to a representative of the company, APA reports citing TASS.

The company’s representative noted, "the situation affected six vessels of the CMA CGM Group." The company closely following the actions of the Suez Canal administration, which is doing everything to resolve the situation as soon as possible. At the same time, the group is exploring all possible options to offer alternative solutions, including "redirecting some ships towards the Cape of Good Hope, air delivery overseen by our CMA CGM AIR CARGO division, or delivery by rail", the representative said.

CMA CGM Group is the largest transport company in France and one of the largest sea container carriers.

It was reported earlier that vessel traffic in the Suez Canal has been completely stopped in both directions due to an operation to refloat a container ship stuck across the canal. On Wednesday, 13 ships sailed from north to south along the old passage of the canal. From south to north, traffic has been stopped since Tuesday, when Ever Given container vessel with displacement of 220,000 tonnes and length of 400 meters blocked navigation in the canal under the impact of strong wind.


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