Supplying UK fighter aircrafts to Ukraine would potentially take months

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace

© APA | UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace

# 09 February 2023 16:48 (UTC +04:00)

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the BBC that supplying aircraft in the conflict would potentially take months, APA reports.

The defense secretary said the UK was instead focused on using the alternative provision of air cover to Ukraine.

Mr. Wallace did not completely rule out sending aircraft to Ukraine but said air support and supporting moving troops could be achieved by using long-range missiles and drones.

Speaking at a conference in Rome, he said it was "more realistic and more productive" to envisage the UK providing Ukraine with aircraft in the long term to ensure its security after the war with Russia has ended.

"This is not a simple case of towing an aircraft to the border," Mr. Wallace told the BBC.

"Britain knows what Ukraine needs and is happy to help in many ways trying to achieve the effect.

"Those same effects can be done, but potentially through a different way - and without taking months, which of course, gifting fighter jets would take."