The Netherlands is considering an additional contribution to Patriots for Ukraine

Prime Minister Mark Rutte

© APA | Prime Minister Mark Rutte

# 01 June 2023 14:42 (UTC +04:00)

The Netherlands is looking into whether it can send more Patriot anti-aircraft missiles or parts for them to Ukraine. Ukraine’s allies urgently need to provide the country with more anti-aircraft guns, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on arrival at the European summit in Moldova. He also hopes to persuade other countries to supply Ukraine Patriots, APA reports.

Together with Germany, the Netherlands has already supplied a Patriot system. The Netherlands was responsible for two launchers and a number of missiles. But Russian air strikes on military and civilian targets continue, and air defense is also important for Ukraine’s planned counter-offensive.

“We are looking very closely at what we can still do,” said Rutte at the top in a Moldavian wine estate a few kilometers from Ukraine. But “you can’t deliver everything you’ve got”. The Netherlands also needs the advanced missiles to monitor its own airspace, for example above the port of Rotterdam.

The ‘Patriot coalition’ of countries that supplies Ukraine with the missiles, “we must expand”, Rutte underlined. “Of course there are more countries that have Patriots and they are not yet delivering.” He will discuss this at the summit of the European Political Community, a forum for nearly fifty European leaders.