Mehmet Perincek: “Armenia should not miss the opportunity given to it by Azerbaijan”

Mehmet Perincek: “Armenia should not miss the opportunity given to it by Azerbaijan”
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  • calendar-gray 23 March 2021

“Armenians should learn an important lesson from the past. One hundred years ago, the Dashnaks were used by Western countries and thrown aside. Now we have witnessed the same game. The Armenian people should learn from this,” Turkish historian, the author of the book “Armenian question in 120 documents from the Russian state archives” Mehmet Perincek said in an interview with APA’s Moscow correspondent. 

According to him, Armenia should join the cooperation initiative in the format of 3 + 3 (Russia, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia)  in the region proposed by Azerbaijan. If Armenia fulfills its obligations taken before Azerbaijan and gives up its hostile policy towards Turkey, it will be possible to open borders and communications.

Mehmet Perincek noted that it is even possible to sign a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan: “This is a great opportunity for Armenia. This opportunity should not be missed, it should be well appreciated. Yerevan should support the initiative put forward by Ankara, Baku, and Moscow. Armenia should abandon the revanchist idea. Because the revanchist idea of Armenians has nothing to do with reality, and it is impossible for the Armenians to carry out revenge. We have already seen in the Second Karabakh War that they will not be able to combat with the Azerbaijani Army. But Armenia's adventurous policy is aimed at undermining the peace process in the region. Today, during the period of turmoil in Armenia, the Armenian people should be very careful, should never allow such a revanchist policy and should support the peace process.”

Farid Akbarov

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