USCIRF member protests against biased points in report regarding Azerbaijan

USCIRF member protests against biased points in report regarding Azerbaijan
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  • calendar-gray 29 April 2020

The US Commission for International Religious Freedoms (USCIRF) has disseminated its regular annual report, APA reports citing the Commission’s website.

It is noted in the report that Azerbaijan has obtained more achievements in the area of protection of religious freedoms as compared with neighbor countries.

One of the nine members of the commission, Johnnie Moore, this year, as in previous years, disagreed with some biased and untrue points in the part of the report on Azerbaijan, and his position was included in the report.

Johnnie Moore did not consider it right to include Azerbaijan in this report. He noted that representatives of the Sunni and Shiite sects in Azerbaijan worshiped together, evangelicals and Russian Orthodox representatives served together, and the Jewish community lived in complete freedom and security.

Moore also noted that despite the fact that the majority of the Azerbaijani population is Muslim, Indu leaders are guests in Azerbaijan, and despite the fact that the majority of the population of Azerbaijan, which borders Iran, is Shiite, has public and diplomatic relations with Israel.

Johnnie Moore believes that communities with religious freedom should take into account the state's concerns about violence, religious extremism, and national security, and not allow arbitrariness. In conclusion, he stressed the need for peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan as soon as possible.

Moore's position was published as an appendix to the USCIR report.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan was added to the list of countries proposed for special control by the US State Department in the report. Along with Azerbaijan, the list includes Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, and a number of other countries.


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