Moldova's former PM: Status of neutrality is the best for our country-INTERVIEW

 Chiril Gaburici, former Prime Minister of Moldova

© APA |  Chiril Gaburici, former Prime Minister of Moldova

# 11 March 2023 18:40 (UTC +04:00)

Interview of Chiril Gaburici, former Prime Minister of Moldova with APA

-How the security challenge changed in Moldova with the start of war in Ukraine?

-We are living very difficult times. In Moldova, we feel a lot of pressure from the war that is happening in Ukraine. It is pity that this kind of thing is happening in this period of time when humanity managed to grow and to develop a lot in many fields. We still invest a lot of money in weapons and so on. Regarding the situation, in Moldova we have a lot of provocations inside, We are trying to keep the population to calm and continue our activity, but of course, these provocations are affecting daily life. But life goes on and we hope that this war will end soon, peace will be established soon and we will be able to continue to live our normal lives.

-After the recent incidents in the region, is there a possibility of escalating the situation by unrecognized Transnistria in Moldova? Can they also be "encouraged" by what is happening in Ukraine?

-I can not comment on that. We can not control the situation in so-called Transnistria. They have their own parliament and so on. We would like to wish and to hope that they will not do anything that harm the peace around us and harm the lives of people there. Because we still have lots of Moldovans living in that region.

-Moldova already received the candidate status and the process already started. What kind of steps will be taken by the Moldovan Government in order to accelerate the process?

-I am proud to say that we are a country now that received a candidate status. A big majority of the country's population wishes to move in this direction and to become an EU member state. At the same time, this is a big challenge and Moldovan Government must implement a lot of actions still, but at the same time, we see the dedication in connection with the process. Government, Ministries are working on this in order to catch up with the agenda in such a way so we will be recognized as soon as possible.

-Moldova has been neutral on NATO membership and has not aspired to it. Has the change in the security situation in the region affected Moldova's neutrality towards NATO?

-Currently, we still keep the status of being neutral. We believe that will be best for our country for this period of time. But to be later, we as a society, as a country, will decide.