Turkish ambassador: Azerbaijan, Türkiye, and Armenia must discuss issues among themselves

Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan Jahid Bagci

© APA | Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan Jahid Bagci

# 23 January 2023 13:05 (UTC +04:00)

"It is impossible to set a date for Türkiye-Azerbaijan relations. Throughout history, two countries fought together against the enemy," said Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahid Bagci at the meeting held in the Western Azerbaijani Community, APA reports.

The ambassador noted that Türkiye helped Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan also helped Türkiye in the most difficult time: "We have known the Azerbaijani soldier in the Canakkale battles as mehmetchik and buried like that. When the Turkish soldiers who were fighting in Azerbaijan under the command of Nuru Pasha, Azerbaijanis treated them in their own houses and when they died, buried them in their own cemeteries. In the coming month, we will be with the relatives of the people killed during the Khojaly genocide. Türkiye provided its brother with its political and moral support during 44 days of the Patriotic war as well. The current situation Azerbaijan is facing, the lack of progress despite the ceasefire, shows that the policy should be continued. We think that the issues among Azerbaijan, Türkiye, and Armenia must be discussed among themselves in order to ensure peace in the region. The peace must be achieved only through this way".

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