Masterpiece of Panahali khan: The top of mountains of Shusha without fog - REPORTAGE - PHOTOS - VIDEO

Masterpiece of Panahali khan: The top of mountains of Shusha without fog - REPORTAGE - PHOTOS - VIDEO
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APA employees toured the territories liberated from the occupation by the Azerbaijani army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. Our employees have prepared a series of reports from these territories under the heading "In the wake of victory". We present another reportage from this series:

On the way, we started with "In the wake of victory", our current visit is to Shusha, the cradle of Azerbaijani culture.

Shusha was founded in 1752 by the ruler of Karabakh Panahali Khan!

Shusha with 17 blocks, Shusha with 17 mosques!

Shusha, which has a bath and a spring in every block!

Shusha amazed those who saw it!

The media tour to Shusha is led by the head of press service of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan, Colonel Vagif Dargahli. We are told that we have very little time to enter the city, so we will return before evening and the roads become icy.

We start shooting first from the Jidir plain. The last time I was here was in November 1991. I came to Aghdam by helicopter from there. I understood the beauty, uniqueness, and greatness of Shusha back then.
After the helicopter taking off, when I looked at the city from the sky, I wondered how they could build this city on top of a steep mountain. How did Panahali khan discover this place without looking at it from the sky !? In short, this city is a wonder. Probably, Shusha is the 8th wonder of the world.

This is how our day began in Shusha which is the homeland of the soul of each Azerbaijani. There is no more fog over Shusha. Shusha wakes up every morning with its children and embraces its relatives. For 28 years and 6 months, the wish "God willing, we will celebrate next year in Shusha", which we have expressed on every holiday and every special day, has already come true.

As you know, Uzeyir Hajibayov, Khurshidbanu Natavan, and Bulbul… They are real citizens of this city. The others are the Azerbaijani Armed Forces who liberated this city from the occupation of the Armenian Armed Forces and took complete control over the city.

37 years old Vasif Allahverdiyev, born in Shusha, was 8 when he left his native city. Remembering those days with pain, our interlocutor says that he kissed the soil of Shusha and drank the water of his native land when he returned to Shusha: “It is an amazing feeling. It is impossible to express it with words. We have always believed – we believed in our state, our soldiers, our army. Shusha people did not lose their hope and, at last, we saw that “iron fist”, as Mr. President said, defeated the enemy. Thank God for today. Every person from Shusha says it – thank God for today. I arrived in Shusha, drank cold water here, while I am ill. Thank God for today. Our city will be restored, all Azerbaijanis will visit, God willing.”

I remember the first rented house in Shusha city, where I lived. I leave behind the group and go to that house – house of aunt Zuleykha, which I have been remembering for 28 years while saying Shusha.

I want to see the whole of my Shusha in a moment. I want to go houses of my friends from Shusha. I want to pass through all streets of Shusha. But remembering lack of time, I go to the Shusha castle from front of Agriculture Technical School.

Shusha city was one of the most important cities of Azerbaijan in XVIII. A great and strong wall was established around the city, many artistic settlements were created. A silver coin, called “Panahabadi”, was also issued here. At the end of XIX- the beginning of XX, Shusha became the center of music in the Caucasus. Shusha has been called “Little Paris”, “Cradle of Azerbaijani music”, and “Conservatory of the Caucasus.”

Several art figures, musicians of Azerbaijan were born in Shusha. As if, music, composed by them, is sounded in our ears while walking in the streets of Shusha after 29 years.

Habil Aslanoglu

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