Political analyst: Trump’s letters indicate beginning of new period in US-Azerbaijan relations

Political analyst: Trump’s letters indicate beginning of new period in US-Azerbaijan relations
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  • calendar-gray 31 May 2017

Elkhan Shahinoglu, a political analyst, head of the Atlas Research Center based in Azerbaijan, has said that the letters sent by US President Donald Trump to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev within a short time gave “sincere messages.”


“US President Donald Trump sent a second letter to his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev within a short time. In his first letter, the US President had congratulated Ilham Aliyev and the Azerbaijani people on 28 May - Republic Day. Mr. Trump sent the second letter in connection with the official opening ceremony of the 24th International Oil and Gas Exhibition, which was held in Baku May 31. Both letters gave sincere messages," the political analyst told APA.


Shahinoglu said that in his first letter Trump emphasized that Azerbaijan is a valuable partner of the US and that they are committed to strengthening relations through dialogue in the areas of security, economic cooperation, and democratic principles.


“Trump also noted that he was looking forward to working with the Azerbaijani President as an active partner,” he said.


“President Trump used similar expressions in his second letter which he sent in connection with the official opening ceremony of the Baku 24th International Oil and Gas Exhibition. He said that the US supports the Southern Gas Corridor and is ready to work with President Ilham Aliyev,” said the political analyst, adding. “Mr. Trump said the US attaches great importance to joint projects with Azerbaijan, noting that the US especially supports Azerbaijan's development and its efforts to conserve energy security. As can be seen, these are all warm messages.”


According to him, Donald Trump, as all republican presidents, gives priority to geopolitical interests.


“In terms of these interests, Washington appreciates Azerbaijan’s role in the region. Donald Trump is also a businessman who is interested in potential political and economic profits from cooperating with Azerbaijan,” he added.  


Speaking to APA, political analyst Gabil Huseynli welcomed US President Trump’s messages.


According to Huseynli, one of the strategic regions to which the US attaches great importance is the South Caucasus, in particular Azerbaijan and Georgia.


“The importance of Azerbaijan in this regard has increased, since it is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, plays a very important role in transporting hydrocarbon reserves of the Caspian Sea to Europe,” he said.


He noted that the question is about not only oil, but also “blue fuel”.


The US remains committed to supporting the global energy projects which are being implemented under the leadership of Azerbaijan, Huseynli stressed.


“The US also welcomes the efforts of Azerbaijan and its partners to complete the Southern Gas Corridor project. The US sees Azerbaijan as a new energy source for Europe and highly values its role in strengthening global energy security and exporting energy resources of the Caspian Sea,” he added.


He noted that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway which will be commissioned in the near future will connect the two continents more closely.


The political analyst said that he highly appreciates both letters of Donald Trump to the Azerbaijani president.


He stressed that these letters reflect the approach of the new US administration to regional problems.  


Huseynli said he believes that the US is not going to build its foreign policy on the basis of the principles of interference in the internal affairs of other countries and attempts to control them, as it was before.


“Trump’s letters indicate the beginning of a new period in US-Azerbaijan relations,” he stressed.


The political analyst continued: “President Trump sees Azerbaijan as a valuable partner of the US and favors a further intensification of efforts towards the development of bilateral relations established 25 years ago. The US president supports and welcomes the work being carried out by President Ilham Aliyev the direction of diversifying Azerbaijan’s economy and carrying out reforms, and also wants to establish new profitable business ties between the two countries. Mr. Trump also noted that he looks forward to exploring other areas of cooperation to the benefits of the American and Azerbaijani peoples.”  


The political analyst stressed that Azerbaijan and the US are in joint fights against terrorism in order to strengthen global security.


As for Trump’s views on the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Huseynli said: “Trump’s views show that the US is not going to allow some states to solely dominate the region and will spare no effort to settle the conflict in accordance with international law.”


The political analyst said he believes that the constant development of US-Azerbaijan tiles fully meets the political and economic interests of both countries.


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