Temperature of activation of coronavirus determined

Temperature of activation of coronavirus determined
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  • calendar-gray 29 March 2020

The doctors of the Hong Kong university have disclosed the temperature of the major activeness of the coronavirus, APA reports citing “RIA Novosti”.

If coronavirus remains under the temperature of 4 degrees for a long time, it becomes able to preserve its stability and if not disinfected, its activeness starts to decrease as late as after 14 days.

However, the SARC-CoV-2 virus can’t stand high temperature, and its activeness disappears within five minutes under the temperature of 70 degrees.

The specialists also studying the period of persistence of coronavirus on various items have determined that it disappears after three hours of remaining on paper, it stays on cloths and processed wood for up to two days, on glass – for up to four days, and on plastic – for up to seven days. 

The scientists noted that the virus can stay on external surface of medical masks for up to seven days, therefore they recommend to be disinfected regularly. 

Mirmehdi Aghaoghlu

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