273 people infected with HIV in Azerbaijan in 6 months of this year

# 11:06
4 August 2020

According to the information of the Ministry of Health AIDS Center,  15,8% of the infection cases with human immunodeficiency viruses among Azerbaijani citizens in 6 months of 2020, totally 40,3% since 1992 until 01.07.2020 happened as a result of the use of injectable drugs, State Commission's working group for Combating Drug Addiction and Illicit Drug Trafficking told APA.

In total, 3344 (3260 men, 74 women) out of 8408 people diagnosed with HIV since 1988 were injecting drug users, of which 2605 (78.8%) were registered in dispensaries. In total, 6,096 of those registered are carriers of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Since 1988, the total number of people who died of HIV infection was 1,093.

It was noted that the number of new HIV infections in the country has decreased. Of the 273 HIV-infected Azerbaijani citizens detected in the first six months of 2020, 43 were injecting drug users.