Main Police Department: The wanted person appears with different names and changes appearance

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6 September 2019

On September 4, a number of news websites released a publication under the heading “Entrepreneurs were deceived in Baku,” which claimed that the citizen’s complaint was ignored by the police. An inspection was carried out in the Baku city Main Police Department in connection with this issue, said head of the press service of the BMPD Elshad Hajiyev to APA.

According to him, the citizen’s appeal to service 102 was sent to the Sabail district Police Department and urgent measures were taken:

Allegations that the police ignored a citizen’s appeal were false. A citizen who became a victim of fraud was invited to the Baku city Main Police Department, where he was informed about the work done. ”

The head of the service noted that Sabail district Police Department established the identity of the violator. He is wanted under Art. 178.2.2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, native of Lankaran, Kerimov Jabrail, 31 who, changing appearance, repeatedly abused the trust of citizens, introducing himself to entrepreneurs under different names or as “Haji Ramin”

The accumulated materials were attached to another criminal case brought against J. Kerimov. “On August 31, the suspect appeared at the Sadarak shopping center and in one of the stores he placed an order for the delivery of children's toys totaling 3,000 manat to the new store he allegedly opened. He took 210 manat from the entrepreneur, promising to return it upon arrival to the address, however, getting out of the car he disappeared in an unknown direction. ”

E. Hajiyev added that in 2018, Karimov stole goods of 3,000 and 1,050 manat from two businessmen in a similar manner, and in 2019, 2 similar cases were recorded - for a total of 2,100 manat (1,500 and 600 manat).

“He was detained in June of this year and transferred to the Khazar district Police Department. In respect of him then a preventive measure was chosen in the form of a recognizance not to leave. However, J. Kerimov evaded the investigation and he was put on the wanted list on June 25. The suspect continues to commit criminal acts under different names and changing his appearance. Entrepreneurs are advised to be vigilant and notify the police when he appears. Currently, measures are continuing to identify and detain J. Kerimov. ”