Azerbaijan initiates 159 criminal cases over corruption-related crimes in 2016

# 10:05
16 January 2017

The Main Anti-Corruption Department under the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General held a press conference on Monday with participation of the media and NGO representatives in connection with anti-corruption measures taken in 2016.


Addressing the meeting, the department head, Kamran Aliyev, noted taht 9,360 appeals of citizens were considered in 2016.


He said 251 materials of criminal nature were investigated last year, and criminal cases were initiated on 159 (63.3%) of them, noting that administrative and disciplinary measures were taken on the acts of influence drawn up by proper prosecutors on other appeals.


“In 2016, the Main Anti-Corruption Department held some preventive measures, submitted 88 presentations to relevant bodies in order to prevent corruption, launched 12 administrative proceedings based on prosecutors’ acts on influence, officially warned 11 persons to avoid law violations,” Aliyev said.


In his speech, Kamal Jafarov, secretary of the Anti-Corruption Commission, said that 2016 was remembered with large-scale reforms.


“State bodies executed 86% of the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan and 82% of the National Action Plan on Promotion of Open Government,” he said.


“According to Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer 2016, 79 percent of respondents said corruption is not one of main problems faced by Azerbaijan,” Jafarov added.


The Anti-Corruption Department said it will further continue taking necessary measures to ensure the rule of law, protect human rights and freedoms and combat corruption which are the most dangerous manifestations of organized crime.