Seven people killed in car crash in Azerbaijan identified - UPDATED

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27 September 2017

The seven people died in a fatal traffic accident in Azerbaijan's Ismailli region have been identified, APA's local bureau reports.

On the Ismayilli-Gabala highway near the village of Topchu, Opel Zafira (99-DF-907) collided with Toyota Prado (99-AL-238).

As a result of the road accident, a resident of Sheki Abbasov Rakhim Serker oglu, born in 1964, Bayramov Ruzigar Mamed oglu, born in 1978, the residents of Gakh Kerimov Yashar Kamal oglu, born 1977, Kerimli Rufana Yashar gizi, born in 1998, as well as children aged 8-13 years - Alim Suleymanli, Orkhan Suleymanli and Aykhan Suleymanli died of serious injuries at the scene.


The rescuers that were brought to the scene by means of special equipment the bodies of the dead removed from the deformed Opel Zafira.

According to the preliminary version, the accident occurred due to the slippery after the rain roads and the excess speed of drivers.

According to the report, a British citizen driving a Toyota Prado car was injured and placed in the Gabala Diagnostic Center.

 An investigation is under way.




A fatal traffic accident occurred in Ismayilli region of Azerbaijan killing seven people, including 3 children and injures 3, APA’s local bureau reports


The accident was recorded on the Ismayilli-Gabala highway, in the Topchu village of Ismayilli region.


According to the report, Opel and Toyota Prado collided.


The dead persons are residents of Sheki and Gakh regions.


The circumstances of the road accident and the identity of the deceased are established.


An investigation was launched.