International Organizations should not remain silent on Armenia’s targeting Azerbaijani civilians - OPINION

# 14:30
3 October 2019

”Yesterday's shelling of an excavator engaged in laying a supply road in the direction of Gushchu Ayrim village of Gazakh region, which resulted in death of a civilian - the driver of the excavator Abishov Safarali Elekber oglu - a manifestation of another atrocity in Armenia,” military expert Uzeyir Jafarli told APA.

Recalling that before this,  on  July 28, enemy snipers fired at UAZ car in which “Military Aid” was written on the contact line at the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, U. Jafarli stated Armenian armed units have repeatedly committed such deeds, not only against the military, but also they showed cruelty against the civilians: "Killing of little Zahra and her grandmother in the direction of Fuzuli, then in Tartar and now they have committed such atrocities in Gazakh. Silence and negligence of international organizations on the targeting civilians, such atrocities by Armenia are unacceptable."

U. Jafarli noted he was the very territory of Gazakh last week. According to him, State Border Service organized a visit for public representatives’ to get familiar with the situation on site: “That territory does not have any relation with Armenia. The driver of the excavator carried out some works in Azerbaijan. As it seems from disseminated photos, the civilian was unscrupulously shot and injured. Following his life couldn't be saved despite doctors’ attempts. According to information, SBS Commander instructed respond to firing points of Armenia and its done as instructed. It would be better the SBS reveal what was the response. According to information, Armenians also have a loss in the direction of the shelled excavator. One of the officials of the SBS, possessing a rank of General, permanently on the frontline by soldiers in that territory. 

U. Jafarli considers that, difficulties faced by Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in recent times lead him to do such provocations. Also, the occurrence of such an incident before the visit of Azerbaijani President to Russia is the next impudence of the Armenian side: ”Armenia has repeatedly proved that any international law or the concept of norm do not exist for them. The monitorings of the OSCE Minsk group are also meaningless. You will see, they will hold one more monitoring soon. None of those monitorings lead to practical results. The violation of the ceasefire continues in the same way.”

MP Siyavush Novruzov, the deputy executive secretary for the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) told APA that Armenia engages in actions incompatible with the rules of the war period: “There are facts of the murder of a grandmother and granddaughter in the Fizuli direction, toys with explosives were dumped into the river, periodically people who were engaged in farming in Gazakh, Tovuz and other regions fell under fire. All this is absolutely contrary to the rules of war. Given the declared truce, such actions are unacceptable. The OSCE Minsk Group should immediately respond to this, declare that opening fire to civilians is unacceptable. In no war, in any period, there were no executions of civilians; only the armed units of Armenia can do this.

Another crime of the Armenians was the shelling of an excavator driver who is laying a road in the direction of Gushchu village of Ayrim in the Gazakh region. They always committed crimes, terror, staged bombings in the subway, killed civilians, tortured them. It is enough to recall the genocide, the atrocities committed in Khojaly.

Currently, two of our civilians are taken hostage in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Their faces can be used to judge torture. Therefore, the OSCE Minsk Group, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, the High Commissioner for Human Rights must seriously respond to the aggression of Armenia against civilians, and Armenia must stop committing these crimes.”