Azerbaijan gets 10% decline in crude oil production

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17 May 2017

In January-April 2017, Azerbaijan produced AZN 8.9billion-products in the mining sector of industry, down 7.4% from previous year.


State Statistical Committee told APA-Economics that the crude oil production made up 12.6 million tonnes, marketable gas production 6.3 bcm.


In four months of 2017, 12,642,000 tonnes of crude oil (including gas condensate) were produced in the country, down 9.5% compared to the four months of previous year. Consequently, the finished product made 414,700 tonnes. Of this, 12,628,100 tonnes made up marketable oil, which is 9.5% lower than previous year.


During the reporting period, 9,245,400 cubic meters of gas were produced in the country, down 6.9% from 2016. Finished product stood at 1,373,700 cubic meters.


Of this, 6,284,800 cubic meters are marketable gas, down 0.2% compared to 2016