Putin notes complicated COVID-19 situation in Dagestan

# 17:50
18 May 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin is concerned with coronavirus spread in Russia’s Dagestan and with reports of self-treatment and late applications for medical aid, APA reports citing TASS.

"Despite the relative stabilization, the danger of the coronavirus infection remains across the country, and the situation in Dagestan is especially difficult," the head of state said during his meeting with the authorities and members of the public of Dagestan. According to the president, the republic "registers all new revealed cases of the disease, its heavy complications, and, in recently, the healthcare system in the region with serious load."

"Despite the selfless efforts of the doctors, and nurses, the number of tragic outcomes grows, including among the medical workers themselves. People also complain that the required medical assistance is not always available on time and in full," Putin noted. "At the same time, according to the specialists’ estimations, the main reasons behind development of heavy complications are late application for medical aid and attempts of self-treatment at home," the president underscored.

According to the head of state "a further analysis into implementation of sanitary medics’ recommendations on self-isolation regime and on prohibition of mass events in Dagestan is needed."

The president ordered a detailed report on the directions that a federal assistance must be provided to Dagestan on.

"I will give orders to heads of agencies that are on the line, immediately. The republic will receive all support - financial, material and staff - certainly," Putin assured.