'Congress of Russian Azerbaijanis': New diaspora organization to be created in place of ARAC

# 11:02
8 February 2018

A new Azerbaijani diaspora organization will be established in place of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress, which was liquidated in Russia, academician Fazil Gurbanov told APA's Moscow correspondent.


According to him, the organization-to-be has been proposed to be called the Congress of Russian Azerbaijanis.


This is one of the possible suggestions. The diaspora communities in 70 regions of Russia appealed to Fazil Gurbanov for the establishment of a new diaspora organization. It also been suggested that an initiative group be created to support Vladimir Putin, who is a presidential candidate. It has also been proposed that for the time being the organization be called the Azerbaijani Congress of Russia. At the same time, headquarters have been created in all Azerbaijani communities in Russia in support of Vladimir Putin. In this regard, we have appealed to Vladimir Putin's election headquarters, to the All-Russia People's Front for the creation of a headquarters,” Gurbanov said.


The headquarters created to support Putin’s candidacy is head by Fazil Gurbanov. The headquarters are established in 70 cities, each of which includes 3 people. The headquarters operate under the motto "Azerbaijanis in Russia support Vladimir Putin". The headquarters include well-known Azerbaijanis living in Russia, art, culture and science figures.