Parliamentary Committee chair: “Armenia, which brutally killed Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages, deviate from cooperation for not revealing its crimes”

Ziyafet Asgarov

© APA | Ziyafet Asgarov

# 27 August 2021 13:00 (UTC +04:00)

Although the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict ended, 3890 of thousands of our compatriots who were captured and taken hostages by Armenia during the conflict are registered as missing persons. On the eve of August 30- the International Day of the Disappeared, we are face to face with this bitter truth”, Chairman of the Milli Majlis Defence, Security, and Counter-Corruption Committee Ziyafet Asgarov told APA.

Parliamentary Committee Chairman said that numerous international law norms, as well as requirements of international humanitarian law, have grossly been violated during the military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan. In many cases, after unbelievable tortures to captives and hostages, they have been killed and even their bodies have not been handed over to Azerbaijan in order to hide signs of torture.

Z. Asgarov noted that the Armenian side always deviates from cooperating with Azerbaijan in relation to finding missing Azerbaijani citizens: “It is clear that the Armenian side, which treated persons, captivated and taken hostages, on the contrary to international law norms and killed them brutally in most cases, does not want to cooperate in this direction in order not to reveal its criminal deeds. But it forgets that Azerbaijani people and state never forget their son, citizen, takes necessary steps for protection of his rights, for bringing guilty persons to responsibility and will take.”