Ilham Aliyev: We managed to protect Azerbaijan from possible risks

# 12:58
20 July 2017

Today, Azerbaijani society lives in comfort, in conditions of security and stability, nowadays, this is an achievement, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.


“We managed to protect our country from possible risks. As for the sources of risk within the country, I can say that there are virtually no risks,” the president said at the ceremony of presenting apartments to journalists in a newly built building in Baku on the occasion of the National Press Day, APA reported. 


“To protect the country from outside risks, a rather serious policy is being carried out in the ideological sphere and in border protection. In general, we always try to protect Azerbaijan from possible risks for Azerbaijani people to live in comfort, in conditions of peace. I think that we have achieved that,” he added.


The head of state said that people who hold different political views and are members of different parties will live in these buildings as a family.


“In fact, Azerbaijani society is also developing in this direction. There is national solidarity in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani society is united around a common goal,” President Aliyev said. “Our development, stability, and peace today are being studied in many parts of the world and sometimes are met with surprise. There is a very simple reason for this. The reason is, there are very good democratic conditions in Azerbaijan. There is economic development in Azerbaijan.”


He stressed that Azerbaijan pursued an independent policy and strengthened its position both in the region and in the world.


“Our influence is growing and Azerbaijan pursues a goodwill policy. Our policy is focused on the interests of Azerbaijan’s citizens and state. I think that these two main factors already have very strong roots in Azerbaijan. The steps we have taken on our social, economic and foreign policies have resulted in a lot of success for us. There is a great sympathy for Azerbaijan around the world,” President Aliyev added.