Deficit of consolidated budget exceeds AZN 1.1B

# 11:01
28 April 2017

According to the Ministry of Finance, the deficit made up AZN 321.3 million.


In the reporting period, the revenues amounted to AZN 3,591,500,000, up AZN 3.473 billion or 3.4% from forecast.


Ministry of Taxes transferred AZN 1,420,800,000 to the state budget, fulfilling the forecast by 103.8%.


Of this, 67.2% or AZN 954.2 million came from non-oil sector.


State Customs Committee fulfilled the forecast by 117.5% by transferring AZN 571 million to the state budget, up 37% or AZN 154.1 million.


Receipts from paid services of budget-funded organizations stood at AZN 62.6 million.


Other transfers amounted to AZN 12.1 million.


SOFAZ transferred AZN 1,525,000,000 to the state budget.


Expenditures were executed at AZN 3,912,700,000 or 95.5% than forecast.


In accordance with the economic classification, 41.8% or AZN 1,635,700,000 of expenditures went to funding of social expenses, up 14.6% or AZN 209 million.


In the reporting period, AZN 216.8 million went to construction of scientific, educational, health, social, cultural, sports and other socio-cultural and housing facilities, AZN 676.1 million to construction of energy, water and gas supply, transport, utility, melioration infrastructures, AZN 22.2 million to funding of investment projects in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.


Revenues of the consolidated budget amounted to AZN 5,649,600,000, expenditures to AZN 6,752,700,000. Deficit stood at AZN 1,103,100,000.