Azerbaijani ambassador to America: Biden must force Armenia to provide Azerbaijan with maps of mined territories

# 10:18
24 April 2021

An article of Azerbaijani ambassador to America Elin Suleymanov has been published in the “Defense One” press organ of the US about Armenia's refusal to provide Azerbaijan with a map of mined areas,  Azerbaijani Embassy in the US told APA.

According to the information, it is noted in the article that despite the fact that months have passed since Azerbaijan and Armenia reached an agreement after the Patriotic War, the Armenian side continues to accuse innocent civilians in the death cases by refusing to provide a map of mines planted in our liberated areas.

Since November of 2020, 20 Azerbaijani civilians and service employee have died as a result of explosion occurred in the Nagorno-Karabakh, 85 people have got injured. The ambassador notes that most of those who lost their lives were IDPs who were looking forward to returning to their homelands. He notes that though Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev calls on IDPs to be patient and to return there only after our occupied territories have been completely cleared of mines, it has been hard for some people to wait. One of them, the Hajiyev family, was killed by an anti-tank mine planted by the Armenian side in their car.