Journalists Federation of Turkey in Ankara issues statement in support to Azerbaijan

# 17:07
5 October 2020

A statement issued by the Journalists Federation of Turkey in Ankara was published in the local press, State Committee on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan told APA.


The statement titled "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" says: "UN Security Council resolutions emphasize that Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan defends its territory in accordance with these resolutions.

In the current situation, those who have not spoken till now and have supported Armenia today advise to stop the clashes. Thousands of innocent people were killed in Khojaly without taking into account their rights. Azerbaijan is fighting for its lands, and no force will be able to turn them back. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”. The Anatolian press, which is always sensitive about the homeland and the flag, will continue to be with the Republic of Turkey, Turkish states and nations. We strongly condemn the attacks of the occupying Armenia and emphasize that we are always with Azerbaijan.