Ambassador: "Azerbaijan always supported Turkey's antiterrorist ops"

Ambassador: "Azerbaijan always supported Turkey
# 21 October 2019 16:10 (UTC +04:00)

“Azerbaijan has always been at the front line for its support, either for “Peace Spring” or for anti-terrorist operations carried out by the Turkish army. Azerbaijan has really demonstrated to the whole world that we are one nation, two states”, said the Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan Erkan Ozaral at a press conference, APA reports.

He said that, the hearts of Turkish and Azerbaijani people have always been beaten together: "We thank the people of Azerbaijan, the President of Azerbaijan for this".

Mr. Ambassador said that, the world has been warned by the location of terrorists in northern Syria and that Turkey will not remain indifferent to it: “Turkey is the second country after Syria that has suffered from the pain and suffering of the ongoing civil war in Syria for many years. Turkey has embraced most of those fleeing the war in Syria. We as Turkey want to restore peace in Syria and support the territorial integrity of Syria”.