Azerbaijani Embassy: Noted from Russian side that visit of David Babayan has a personal character

Building of Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia

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# 20 October 2021 19:22 (UTC +04:00)

"An appeal has been made by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia to the relevant bodies of the Russian Federation regarding the news spread on mass media about the "working visit" of Davit Babayan, who introduced himself as a "Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Artsakh Republic", to Russia and holding several meetings with the political circles of this country", the Embassy told APA's Moscow bureau.

"According to the information entered by the Russian side, we note that that visit has a personal character, is accepted unofficially, and no political consultations have been conducted with the mentioned person.

The embassy noted that spreading of such information in the Armenian press is a provocation and aim is to confuse the public and overshadow the successfully developing Azerbaijani-Russian cooperation", noted in the information of the Embassy.