Baku Police: 60 protesters detained, 42 of them released after warning

Baku Police: 60 protesters detained, 42 of them released after warning
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  • calendar-gray 19 October 2019

Main Police Department of Baku city (MPDB) has released information on the protest action of the National Council, MPDB told APA.

According to the MPDB, members of the body naming themselves National Council of Democratic Forces appealed to the Baku City Executive Power to hold a rally on October 19, 2019 in one of the central areas of the capital.

Reviewing the appeal, based on relevant requirements of the Law on Freedom of Assembly, in order to prevent violations of the public order, to prevent riots and crimes, and to protect the rights and freedoms of other persons, the protest action was restricted in form of changing the place and was offered the training base of the Neftchi sports club in Lokbatan settlement of Garadag district.Authors of the appeal were officially informed by the Main Police Department and Prosecutor's Office of Baku that they were officially warned of holding protest actions at unspecified places will be prevented and warned that they are responsible for possible public violations.

However, the organizers of the protest action starting at 15 pm on October 19, tried to enter the square in front of the 28 may metro station with several groups overall about 220 protesters. 

Thanks to measures expansion of illegal activities was prevented and detained 60 people, including the organizers and active participants of the illegal action.The cases of 18 of them will be properly documented in the territorial police departments and the collected materials will be sent to the courts for taking legal measures. 42 more people released after official warnings about inadmissibility of illegal actions


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