Death toll from coronavirus outbreak in China reaches 490 - UPDATED

Death toll from coronavirus outbreak in China reaches 490 - UPDATED
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  • calendar-gray 05 February 2020

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in China has reached 490, with a total of 24,324 people infected and 892 recovered, authorities said, APA reports citing Sputnik.

Earlier on Tuesday, the regional health committee said that the number of people who have died from novel coronavirus in China's Hubei province had reached 479, while 16,678 are infected and 520 patients had been released.

3,156 new cases of coronavirus were identified in Hubei on 4 February, with 1,967 of them registered in the city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the infection outbreak.

"As of 24:00 on 4 February 2020, Hubei Province has reported 16,678 cases of pneumonitis with the new type of coronavirus infection, of which, 8,351 are in Wuhan and 66,764 people are still undergoing medical observation", the health committee said in a statement.



The number of people infected with new coronavirus worldwide exceeded 20,600 people, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported on Tuesday, APA reports quoting Sputnik.

According to the latest WHO data, 20,471 cases of 2019-nCov have been confirmed in China as of 4 February. Suspected coronavirus was detected in another 23,214 people.

In total, 425 people died from the disease, mainly elderly people with the presence of one or two chronic diseases, while 2,788 patients are in serious condition. At the same time, over 680 people have recovered.

Outside China, 176 people in 24 countries have been diagnosed with China coronavirus infection, according to WHO.

Once the majority of contractors were confirmed to have had a travel history in China and the virus' human-to-human transmission was established, many countries halted traffic with China and geared up security provisions at airports and other entry points. The WHO declared a global health emergency in January.


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