Chairman of CMO: Opening of five madrasas planned in Azerbaijan in upcoming future

Chairman of CMO: Opening of five madrasas planned in Azerbaijan in upcoming future
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  • calendar-gray 21 August 2019

“It is worthwhile that Azerbaijan every year strengthens attention to religious and spiritual values. The measures taken in this area are consistent and perfect. An important event in the field of religious education was the establishment of the Institute of Theology, ” Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade, chairman of the Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO), told APA in an interview.

He said Sheykh ul Islam scholarship has been allocated by him for distinguished students of the institution.

“The launch of 8 religious colleges in Baku and the regions is a valuable contribution to the study of the foundations of the Islamic religion. Work is already underway to create the material and technical base of these madrasas. At the first stage, the opening of five madrasas in Baku, Lankaran, Ganja, and Guba-Khachmaz region is on the agenda. In connection with Islamic education, for example, with the performance of religious rites, there are issues that should be taught in the madrasa and are not included in the program of the Institute of Theology. I hope that in the coming years, graduates of the Institute of Theology, religious colleges will demonstrate their potential. In terms of the availability of valuable personnel, these are important events for our state, which has religious and spiritual values. As a religious centre, we are satisfied with taking into account our proposals for religious education. We are actively involved in the preparation of textbooks, teaching aids and in the preparation of curricula. When changes, innovations are proposed at the legislative level, CMO makes its suggestions and recommendations. This cooperation bears fruit, ” said the chairman of the CMO.

Ramiz Mikayıloğlu

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