Moscow to ease more coronavirus restrictions on June 23

Moscow to ease more coronavirus restrictions on June 23
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  • calendar-gray 23 June 2020

Moscow will launch the third stage of lifting restrictions imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus on June 23. Restaurants, gyms and pre-schools will resume operation, while city infrastructure for sports and leisure will also reopen, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Monday in his blog, APA reports citing TASS.

"Starting from tomorrow, June 23, 2020, cafes and restaurants will start working again after three months. Gyms, swimming pools and sports complexes will open their doors. <…> Libraries and pre-schools will also be able to work again," he said, adding that navigation on the Moscow River will also resume.

Moreover, social protection facilities also reopen. According to Sobyanin, taking into account the gradual reopening of Russian regions and beginning of the holiday season, Moscow authorities decided to lift limitations on operation of travel agencies. However, Moscow guided tours are still banned.

Moscow residents are still required to social distance and wear face masks and gloves, the mayor said.


"We should observe social distancing as well as [wear] masks and gloves," he wrote. "Believe me, I would also like to lift all remaining restrictions as soon as possible. However, we cannot allow one reckless step to negate the results of many months of fighting against the pandemic."

According to Sobyanin, he is often asked when the habitual way of life will return. "We will still act gradually, based on the analysis of the real situation and forecasts of the pandemic development," he noted. At the same time, "much depends on the coronavirus behavior which scientists still do not understand fully," he added.

"But still much more depends on all of us. Take care of yourself and your close ones. This is the safest and shortest route to victory over the infection," Sobyanin concluded.


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