Referendum in Azerbaijan was democratic, fair and fully transparent – president

Referendum in Azerbaijan was democratic, fair and fully transparent – president
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  • calendar-gray 07 October 2016

Baku – APA. Azerbaijan has held a referendum which is of great importance for the country, said Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev.


The president made the remarks in his opening speech during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to results of socio-economic development in nine months of 2016 and objectives for the future.


“First of all, I should mention that the referendum was democratic, fair and fully transparent. More than a hundred foreign observers watched the referendum,” said the president.  


Noting that several international opinion poll agencies held an exit poll, the president said that the results of the exit poll coincide with the official results, which is natural, since the referendum was fully transparent and fair.


“According to the latest information I was provided, the Central Election Commission received 20, or a slightly more complaints,” said President Aliyev.


“We have more than 5,000 polling stations. There have been a total of 20 and probably, a slightly more complaints. What does this show? This shows that Azerbaijani people support the results of the referendum. Their will was reflected in the referendum results,” added the president.


The international bodies which were observing the voting, especially, representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe highly appreciated the referendum, said President Aliyev. “This is of great importance, because usually, European structures criticize us. In many cases, they criticize us groundlessly.”


“But even the structure, which has accustomed to criticize us, can’t find any rebuke anymore. This is one result of the referendum. This shows that no matter whoever says whatever, no matter what fiction they impose, Azerbaijan is moving on the way of democracy,” said the president.


“We hold a free election, a transparent referendum. We can be an example for many countries, especially, for those which consider themselves a cradle of democracy. Let them come and learn our experience,” said President Aliyev.


The second result of the referendum is that the vast majority of Azerbaijani people expressed support to the proposed amendments, said the president.


“This is another great support from the people to our policy. Personally, I accept it this way, because the proposed amendments were put forward by us and Azerbaijani people, the vast majority said ‘yes’ to this referendum. Naturally, this gives us additional strength. This was another test for us in the year of crisis,” he added.


“Naturally, I anyway know the existing atmosphere in our country, the issues about which the people think and their attitude to our general work. I know this well,” said the president. “The referendum results once again clearly showed this to the whole country, whole people and the world.”


“Azerbaijani people support the policy pursued by us, remain committed to this support and see that there is no alternative to our policy,” he added. “Alternative policy could be a catastrophe, can lead Azerbaijan into abyss again and can turn Azerbaijan into an field of carnage again.”


“Azerbaijani people supported our policy and said ‘yes’ in the referendum. I would like to once again express gratitude for Azerbaijani people for the great trust and support,” said President Aliyev.


“I would like to once again assure my dear people that I will further move on this path, ensure Azerbaijan’s development. No external force can turn us from this path,” added the president.






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