Ali Hasanov explains order on holding of extraordinary presidential election in Azerbaijan

Ali Hasanov explains order on holding of extraordinary presidential election in Azerbaijan
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  • calendar-gray 05 February 2018

The Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs, Ali Hasanov, has commented on the order of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev “On Announcing Extraordinary Presidential Election in the Republic of Azerbaijan”.  


All the elections in Azerbaijan have been held in a democratic, transparent and fair manner in accordance with the country’s Constitution, Electoral Code and other relevant legislative acts, Hasanov told APA.


He noted that the recent presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections have reflected the will of the people and been highly appreciated by local and international observers.


"You know that three years of every five years in Azerbaijan have to do with elections. In this regard, an amendment was made to Article 101 of the Constitution and the term of office of the head of state was prolonged from 5 to 7 years. Since the presidential term was prolonged to seven years, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has the right to appeal to voters for a vote of confidence—to announce an extraordinary presidential election. Therefore, the issues envisaged in the Order “On Announcing Extraordinary Presidential Election in the Republic of Azerbaijan” fully comply with the requirements of the Constitution and the country’s legislation,” Hasanov added.    


According to the Constitution of Azerbaijan, the presidential election for 2018 was scheduled for October, said the top official.   


“However, starting from May this year, numerous important local and international events will be held in Azerbaijan. Among them are a number of events in connection with the 100th anniversary of establishment of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic, the International Humanitarian Forum, etc. Most of these events fall at the end of the year and coincide with the elections,” said Hasanov. “On the other hand, according to the practice existing in Azerbaijan, all elections are held in autumn. Taking into account the world practice, it is more expedient to hold elections in different seasons, including at the beginning of the year.”  


“In addition, the election of Azerbaijan’s president for a period of seven years ensures the fulfillment of presidential powers from the beginning of the economic year. This, in turn, opens up an additional opportunity for more effective implementation of the tasks in the social and economic spheres,” he added.  


Hasanov said that the independent policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev over the past period served Azerbaijan’s national interests, ensured the comprehensive and rapid development of the country, contributed to the renewal and modernization of all spheres of society’s life and improved the people’s welfare.  


“Today, Azerbaijan is known as a country which enjoys a great reputation in the international community. All this is the main factor that determines the high trust and full support of the Azerbaijani people, citizens and voters for President Ilham Aliyev. We can say with confidence that Ilham Aliyev has a great opportunity to gain a brilliant victory in the upcoming presidential election and again become president,” he said. 


The top official stressed that the holding of elections in October or April can not be interpreted as limiting the opportunities of potential candidates, including Ilham Aliyev, and as additional dividends for them.  






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