Hosting Assange in Ecuadorian embassy in London cost $800,000

Hosting Assange in Ecuadorian embassy in London cost $800,000
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  • calendar-gray 21 May 2019

Hosting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London cost Ecuador $800,000 and not $6 million as the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry reported earlier, the preliminary report of the Ecuadorian state control commission presented on Monday in the national capital Quito reads, the Ecuadorian EFE news agency reports.

The list of costs particularly included "medical services, food, security and providing communication" for Assange, the report specifies. In almost seven years that the Australian national was hosted in the Ecuadorian embassy "$795,372.71 was spent."

Notably, on April 11, the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Jose Valencia claimed that the costs of hosting Assange exceeded $6 million. He said that $5,817,000 was paid to ensure security for Assange and almost $400,000 was spent on medical costs, food and washing his clothes. Another $300,000 was spent on legal assistance for Assange, according to Valencia.

Ecuadorian officials have yet to clarify the significant incoherence in the data provided by the state commission and the Foreign Ministry.

Faiq Mahmudov

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