Persons obtaining funds amounting to about AZN 2 million via corruption being unmasked in Azerbaijan

# 17:42
8 June 2020

The investigation is being continued under the criminal case initiated at the Main Department for Fight against Corruption under the General Prosecutor’s Office on May 6, 2013 in regard to criminal actions of a group of senior state officials of the Center for Social Protection of Population (CSPP) of Azerbaijan’s Agdash region, the press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office told APA.

Via the conducted investigation, it has been detected that the former director of CSPP of Agdash region Vahid Seyfalov acting in preliminary agreement with former head of accounting records sector Mushvig Bakhishov, the former heads of divisions of Agdash regional postal branch of Azerpocht Limited Liability Company Adil Hasanov and Aslan Latifov, on the basis of the false statements about residential place and education drawn up by the former representative of the head of Agdash regional Executive Power in Agdash city administrative and territorial county Mustagim Mammadov and former chief accountant of the regional vocational school Yashar Hasanov, on behalf of the fabricated persons not living on the territory regulated by the social protection center, as well as the persons living on that territory, without the knowledge of those persons, by drawing up false appeal letters and decisions about designation of social allowance, payment orders and personal account cards, opening false social allowance files of various kinds, appropriated the monetary funds allocated for those allowance files during the period from January 1, 2006 to June 10, 2007.

The investigation under the criminal case regarding accusation of those senior state officials based on relevant clauses of the Criminal Code has been completed and has been sent to Sheki Grave Crimes Court for consideration and relevant guilty verdicts have been delivered by the court in regard to the accused persons.

In the course of committing of the mentioned crimes, due to failure to determine during the investigation of the other senior state official who acted as associate in preliminary agreement with those senior state officials, a new criminal case was separated from the materials of that criminal case on May 23, 2017 and was referred to a separate judicial proceeding and the proceeding for the case was renewed on May 20, 2020.

Via the investigation, the substantiated suspicions have been determined regarding appropriation of the monetary funds in the amount of AZN 1 million 930 thousand obtained in criminal way by committing a falsification through abusing of official authorities during the period from January 1, 2006 to June 10, 2007 as a result of committing of the same criminal actions by Mahuzar Musayeva who worked as consultant in the targeted social assistance and social allowances sector of the aforementioned center together with the above-named persons by distributing the monetary funds between members of the criminal group.

Mahuzar Musayeva has been brought to responsibility for those actions in the capacity of the accused person in accordance with clauses 179.3.2 (appropriating or wasting), 308.2 (abusing official authorities) and 313 (falsification while holding official position) of the Criminal Code and she has been announced the accusation stipulated in those clauses.

Currently, the investigative and operational measures for this case are being continued.