38 criminal groups rendered harmless in Baku in 1Q 2017

# 14:45
20 April 2017

Over the first quarter of 2017, the Interior Ministry recorded 2,865 crimes in Baku, of which 82.3% were less grave and unlikely to pose huge public threat and 17.7% grave and especially grave.  


Compared to the same period of 2016, deliberate murders decreased threefold and acts of deliberate bodily harm by 40.0%, the Baku City Main Police Department said in a statement on April 20, APA reported.


It became possible to solve 75.4% (74.4% last year) of the crimes, 73.8% (78.5%) of the grave types, and 67.7% (60.4%) of those committed under uncertain conditions, according to the statement.


88.4% (93.5% last year) of 438 crimes aimed against personality, 100% (94.4% last year) of the deliberate murders, and 100% (100% last year) of the attempts to commit deliberate murder were disclosed.


Compared to the same period of 2016, there was 1.0% progress in solving overall crimes, 5.6% in deliberate murders, 4.0% in solving those aimed against property, 40.2% in the stealing of state and municipality property, 8.4% in theft of private property, 13.6% in burglaries, 38.3% in cattle theft, 11.5% in robberies, 2.7% in brigandage, 6.6% in hooliganism, and 0.8% in fatal traffic accidents.


The use of modern information technology was of great importance in preventing and solving these crimes. Operators of "Safe City Service" of the Main Department and district police agencies detected 1,242 cases. Sixty-one criminal cases were opened on the basis of archival recordings from surveillance cameras.


43.8% of 767 (+1.3%, 336 last year) wanted suspects and 24.9% of 370 (-6.0%, 92) persons declared wanted over grave and especially grave crimes were arrested during the reporting period.


Seventeen groups comprised of 40 people responsible for 17 cases of robbery, as well as 21 groups comprised of 51 people responsible for 38 cases of home burglaries were rendered harmless.  


More than 161 kg of drugs (948 kg last year) were seized in 294 cases.


During the reporting period, 44 firearms, 4 grenades, 1,319 cartridges and 31 illegally possessed and stored firearms were found and seized.