Armenian serviceman gets in car accident near Aghdam

# 08:37
4 January 2017

Armenian serviceman got into car accident.


 Armenian serviceman Valod Shabatyan, who serves in Azerbaijani lands has overturned his car – QAZ-24 near Aghdam city and was seriously injured. He is in a critical condition.


According to official information, Armenian servicemen got into several car accidents in December 2016.


On December 8, Lexus car overturned in Sunik province and officers of security service of the Armenian Ministry of Defence captain Aleksan Simonyan and lieutenant Armen Musikyan died.


On December 23, a fire broke out in a bus full of soldiers returning from military exercise near Yeraskh village of Ararat province to Nagorno Karabakh. Despite no one was injured, but the bus, all ammo and things were destroyed.


On December 29, the first deputy head of the General Staff of the Republic of Armenia's Armed forces lieutenant-general Enrico Apriamov and other servicemen met a traffic accident in Yerevan-Artashat road. Apriamov was taken to intensive care unit. No information was released about other injured servicemen.