Bridges, roads destroyed after heavy rains in Azerbaijan’s northwest

# 10:12
12 June 2018

Unstable weather conditions have been prevailing in Azerbaijan’s northwestern region since yesterday evening. 


As a result of intensive torrential rains, the Delichay River that passes through Katekh village of Azerbaijan’s Balakan district have burst its banks, APA’s local bureau reports.


The yards of nearly 400 houses located on each banks of the river, as well as more than 50 houses have been flooded. The flood carried away livestock and poultry, destroying fences of more than 10 houses.


The flood has also destroyed 8 small bridges across the Delichay River, damaged water, power and gas lines.


A total of 150 hectares, including 10 hectares of tobacco, 140 hectares of wheat, barley and corn have been flooded.  


The roads passing inside the village came to the state of disrepair. The flood also destroyed a part of the Yevlakh-Zagatala-Georgia highway, which passes through the village of Katekh.


Necessary measures are underway by members of the Balakan District Emergency Situations Commission to eliminate the consequences of the heavy rains.