BP-Azerbaijan: Overall, 99 percent of SCPX first gas scope is already complete

# 10:33
16 February 2018

During 2017, SCP Expansion (SCPX) Project activities continued successfully along the pipeline route across Azerbaijan and Georgia.


BP-Azerbaijan told APA-Economics that overall, 99 percent of the first gas scope is already complete.


‘Mainline construction has been completed in Azerbaijan and Georgia. On the Azerbaijan section of the pipeline, the focus is on back-end activities including tie-in sections and hydro-testing. Within Georgia, hydrocarbons have been safely introduced into the metering station (Area 81) on the Georgian-Turkish border, the Georgia pipeline loop and Compressor Station 1 (CSG1). Area 81 is now fully operational and is the first asset within the Southern Gas Corridor to be declared ready to operate. Focus is now on completing safe start-up of CSG1 in preparation for operation and completion of the construction and commissioning activities on the second Compressor Station (CSG2) in Georgia’, the company said.