Azerbaijan to increase number of direct flights to major European cities

# 13:26
17 December 2016

This has been envisaged in the “Strategic Road Map for the development of specialized tourism industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan” approved by the presidential decree dated December 6, 2016, APA reports.  


According to the map, charter flights will be increased in winter and summer tourist seasons to attract more tourists from target markets. Investments will be made in airports focusing on passenger transport through low-budget flights.


Until 2025, Azerbaijan will host a variety of tourist events and be recognized by its high-quality winter sports facilities, special health care tourism opportunities, unique natural beauty, parks, and cultural heritage in religious and rural tourism. Azerbaijan’s villages, where many different and ethnic cultural components have been preserved, will be the main attractive place for tourists who are interested in traditional heritage. Moreover, religious sites will also be promoted to make use of potential tourism base in Azerbaijan.