Minister of Culture: Holding a prestigious event like the UNESCO session in Azerbaijan is a remarkable event

# 12:31
10 July 2019

“Holding a prestigious event like the UNESCO session in Azerbaijan is a remarkable event”, Abulfas Garayev, Azerbaijan's Minister of Culture said, APA reports.

The minister noted that serious struggle is underway to hold such events: “Surely it would not be possible to hold this event in Baku, if Azerbaijan did not have serious success in holding international events and if  President of Azerbaijan Republic did not pay attention to such events. The influence of Ms. Mehriban Aliyeva, peacekeeping ambassador of UNESCO in holding this event is also undeniable. Therefore it was decided to hold the 43rd session of UNESCO in Baku at Bahrain session last year.”

The Minister stated that Baku’s hosting UNESCO’s sessions had two features: “Primarily, people, visiting this event, are the most honorable persons. All of them are specialists in their fields. So, their visit to Azerbaijan and review our historical sites and reservations have paramount importance for us. The second feature is this event is significant not only for Azerbaijan. Important decisions, related to other countries, have also been adopted. More than, approximately, 150 countries took part in the session. In the press of these countries, much information on Azerbaijan has been published. Additionally, the session has been held transparently from beginning to end. All of the meetings have been broadcasted lively.”