Nikol Pashinyan: “Time for surgical interventions in courts to sack biased judges”

# 14:49
20 May 2019

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has appeared with a public address after his Sunday's call for blocking the entrances and exits of the courthouses in Armenia, ONA reports citing

Pashinyan raised a demand for revising the functioning of the judiciary by suspending the judges who ''demonstrate bias'' in their daily work.  The premier highlighted the increasing urgency of the issue against the backdrop of last year's political changes ''that swept legitimate authorities to power in Armenia'', allowing the people to elect a National Assembly enjoying their trust and respect.

''The judiciary's functioning mounts anger in the public time and again. I cannot and do not want to make judgments about the legitimacy and tenability of the decisions made by the judicial authorities. It is not within my power. Yet, it is evident that the decisions by the judiciary are profoundly untrustworthy for the public. I say it not as a prime minister but just as a person who is entitled to speak on behalf of the people, as someone who holds the supreme authority in Armenia," he said.