Thousands march in Montenegro capital to demand president resign

Thousands march in Montenegro capital to demand president resign
# 17 March 2019 01:06 (UTC +04:00)

Thousands marched through Montenegro’s capital Podgorica on Saturday, the fifth such rally in two months, to demand the resignation of President Milo Djukanovic and his government over allegations of abuse of office, graft and cronyism, ONA reports citing Reuters.

Crowds of protesters led by civic and student activists walked through the center of the city chanting “Milo thief” and “We are the state.”

The protests started after Dusko Knezevic, a businessman and a former ally of Djukanovic, accused the country’s long-serving president and his Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of abuse of office and murky financial deals.

Both Djukanovic and the DPS have denied the allegations but have said the protests are legitimate unless they turn violent.

Djukanovic, 57, has ruled the tiny Adriatic country for three decades, serving either as prime minister or president. The country, with a population of only 650,000, is a NATO member and a candidate for European Union membership.

“We want changes and after 30 years, I think that every citizen understands ... that the last dictator must leave,” said protester Ana Vujosevic, 45, from Podgorica.

Montenegrin prosecutors accused Knezevic of fraud and money laundering and issued an international arrest for the fugitive banker who fled to Britain.

Knezevic has said he will produce more evidence about alleged high-level corruption by Djukanovic and his allies.