APA TV’s YouTube channel hits 150,000 subscribers

# 11:36
16 April 2018

The number of subscribers of APA TV’s Youtube channel has exceeded 150,000.


As of April 2018, YouTube channel of APA TV, operating under APA Holding, ranks fourth among the most subscribed YouTube channels of TV channels based in Azerbaijan.  


In total, 31,500 videos uploaded on APA TV’s YouTube channel have more than 160 million views. The minimum number of views for the channel's videos, depending on topic, is 2,000, with the maximum number being 2.3 million.


APA TV has received its first YouTube button after its YouTube channel’s subscribers surpassed 100,000.


APA TV (online television) was registered on October 31, 2012. The TV channel is managed by director general and a Creative Council. APA TV presents public-political, educational, social, religious, scientific and economic programs.