Civilian stepped on mine in Tartar - UPDATED

Civilian stepped on mine in Tartar    - UPDATED
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  • calendar-gray 22 February 2021

District prosecutor's office has disseminated information regarding the fact that Niyamaddin Verdiyev, born in 1976 has stepped on a mine in the liberated territory of Tartar region on February 22, at around 5.p.m., The Prosecutor's Office of the Azerbaijani Tartar district told APA.

According to the investigations, it was determined that Niyamaddin Verdiyev has got an "amputation of the right leg below the knee" and other injuries as a result of stepping on a mine in the area while grazing cattle.



Investigations are being conducted regarding the fact by the Prosecutor's Office of the Azerbaijani Tartar district 


A civilian has stepped on mine in Tartar, APA’s Karabakh bureau reports.

The accident has been recorded in Borsunlu village of the region. The resident of the village Niyamaddin Verdiyev stepped on mine. As a result, N. Verdiyev was seriously injured and hospitalized.

Investigation is underway regarding the fact.


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