Mobile sanitary-epidemiological team held tactical-special training

Mobile sanitary-epidemiological team held tactical-special training
  • Clock-gray 14:53
  • calendar-gray 31 May 2019

In accordance with the readiness plan for 2019, a tactical-special exercise on "Actions, deployment and organization of work of mobile sanitary-epidemiological team in the field conditions" was held at the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Main Medical Department of the Ministry of Defense, ONAreports citing Azerbaijani MOD.

The main goal of the training is the right choice of the field of activity, placement of special and other equipment, improvement of practical skills of military personnel in organizing work, conducting sanitary-epidemiological and bacteriological reconnaissance, indicating bacteriological agents, radioactive and combat toxic agents, focal degassing, deactivation and disinfection in field conditions.

Practical actions were taken for carrying out dosimeter measurements in the territory where the enemy used probable weapons of mass destruction, taking samples for the purpose of indicating biological, radioactive and combat chemical agents, determining the boundaries of the area of contamination, assessing the results of dosimeter measurements, carrying out bacteriological and toxic-radiological research.


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