Zelensky: No 'vaccine against radiation sickness'

Zelensky: No
# 22 September 2022 06:33 (UTC +04:00)

"Look at how many elements of global security Russia has undermined with its war," continues Zelensky.

"Maritime safety, food safety, radiation safety and safety from weapons of mass destruction," he says, adding that Ukraine is already making progress on securing the sea again, APA reports citing BBC.

He says that on the eve of the General Assembly meeting Russian rockets struck a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine.

"The explosion hit the station building. Windows were broken. Walls were damaged.

"The rockets exploded only 300 metres from the walls of the reactors."

He says that Russia's targeting of Ukraine's nuclear energy plants "makes all of you a target.

"Russian radiation blackmailing should concern each and everyone of you because you will not find a vaccine against radiation sickness," he tells world representatives.