Israel will join US Visa Waiver Program from September - Israeli PM

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# 29 March 2023 13:21 (UTC +04:00)

"Israel will join the US Visa Waiver Program in September 2023," announced Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, APA reports citing the Jerusalem Post.

The waiver program will allow Israelis to travel to the US visa-free, which is not currently possible.

Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement came shortly after the Knesset approved the second and third readings of a bill allowing for the collection and examination of passenger data from those entering or leaving Israel.

The bill requires airlines to provide personal information of those traveling in or out of Israel, as well as of those passing through the country.

"Today we brought important news to the citizens of Israel," Prime Minister said following the approval of the legislation in Knesset. "As promised, the legislative requirements for obtaining a US visa exemption have been successfully completed.

"In the coming months, we will fulfill the additional requirements, and in September 2023, the State of Israel is expected to enter the list of visa-exempt countries for the USA."